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Welcome! Boulder’s Best Tutoring connects all ages of students and families with our qualified tutors. We currently have 15 great tutors in a wide variety of subjects (not all of our tutors are featured on our webpage at the moment).

Why us? We are a small, local company and all of our tutors are personable, skillful and share a deep love of teaching. Past reviews from students of our tutors are available on request. We pride ourselves in a tutoring style that gives lots of personal attention and care to each individual student.

We offer mindfulness training to interested students. This fun program teaches how to significantly improve concentration, focus, mental clarity, relaxation and how to reduce unnecessary stress. It will give you a set of tools, skills, and knowledge of how the brain and body work, which will truly revolutionize your present moment experience and give you a new approach to learning in all areas of your life.

Our students almost always see a significant increases in their grade point average and overall confidence.


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We have worked with many University of Colorado, Boulder and Front Range Community College students.

Mybouldertutor.com is a local company formed to create a community of great tutors, teachers and educators, providing expert personal one on one instruction and guidance in Boulder, CO. We have tutors who work with Learning disabilities and with elementary school kids.

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Our Tutors: Humanities

Julian, MA -Julian has been tutoring and mentoring students in Boulder, CO since 2009 and loves getting to know each student individually.  He graduated from Naropa University with a Masters degree in Religious Studies/Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies and before that studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has studied abroad in France, India and Nepal. He also works as a life coach and mentor. In addition, he is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and works with all ages of students. Students consistently find that learning and applying mindfulness to their lives brings greater clarity, relaxation, reduces stress and improves performance in school and in sports and in other areas such as public speaking.




colin kelley

Colin – I love tutoring and working with students and have held many different jobs related to working with children.  I love teaching math and concrete logic.  I think many people struggle with math because they don’t believe they are “math-brained” and I want to help these people tap into their inner logic!  The intimacy of one-on-one or small-group tutoring really appeals to me too.  I mediate daily to escape the wrath of stress, egoism, and negative thinking and to realize my full potential to form deeper connections and help make this world a better place.  Some hobbies I enjoy are snowboarding, running, and riding BMX bikes.

Amanda – has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Colorado State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Regis University. She enjoys helping students learn their lessons better, and also all the new things she gets to learn from her students. She is most effective at math classes such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and combinatorics, but she is willing to try her hand at any STEM subject




Biology/ Multi-subject Tutors

Ian – My approach to tutoring is very much centered upon helping the student to come to their own understanding.  By connecting the ideas presented on their syllabus and notes we are able to forge an understanding between what the professor intends and how the student integrates that information.  I have tutored for college level Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Genetics, and Microbiology for the past three years; with numerous repeat students for harder subjects.

The breadth of my studies was not limited to a single field; I took every class in Japanese offered, worked for a Psychology minor, and earned two degrees, Philosophy (Existential Ethics focus) and Biology (Botany focus).    I have worked with students and teacher’s for whom English is not their native tongue, helping bridge the language gaps between English and the Sciences.  I translate my name in Japanese to read “偉案”; this reads as the “Greatness of Ideas,” a bridge between people and concepts.  Richard Dawkins’ concept of memes, provides a unique perspective of Ideas as ‘living organisms’.  My drive is always to push myself and others around me to understand the importance of Ideas and how they influence us; and in turn, how we can influence them.

Grant D. Orvis, Ph.D. acquired his B.S. in Zoology from Arizona State University and his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Reproductive Biology from The University of Texas-Houston. To date, Dr. Orvis has authored seven peer-reviewed articles in the fields of Reproduction and Brain Development at The University of Florida, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. For the past two years, Dr. Orvis has taught Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Developmental Biology at The City College of New York. His main goal is to help students succeed in any Biological subject. To learn more, feel free to email and obtain evaluations from Dr. Orvis’ previous students.


An email from the father of a University of Colorado Boulder student who had her grade point average go up three letter grades over the course of the semester:

“Hello [tutor from MyBoulderTutor.com],
My deep appreciation for your kindness, academic professionalism and mentoring of my daughter, ….  She extends her thanks for your integral assistance in her grade of  A on the final exam and A on her term paper.  She could not have done it without you and we are looking forward to your help next year if you have time with your busy schedule.
Your mentoring goes far beyond the accumulation of knowledge and will remain with your students throughout their lives as an example of caring, self-confidence and integrity.
With profound thanks,
Dr. …”
A text message from a CU student: “You guys rock- keep up the good work”


Computer Sciences and Tech

Pam Sexton is offering tutoring in website creation, HTML, javascript, Dreamweaver, as well as help in English, grammar, term papers, editing, proofreading, and American history and literature. She has a B.S. in history and an MA in English from Kansas State University and has 15+ years professional experience as a web developer for academic departments, hospital systems, and large corporations


Physics and Engineering Tutoring



Kris Doyon is studying astronomy and physics, and will be transferring his undergraduate studies to CU-Boulder at the start of the upcoming academic year. He previously studied at the University of Maine. He has experience tutoring student athletes one on one in calculus and physics courses, and has also tutored high school students in a variety of math subjects. Kris plans to pursue a PhD in Astrophysics, and to eventually research and teach astronomy at the college level. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and observing through his telescope.


Ryan LaCount graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2010 with a degree in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. During his time at CSM, he spent five semesters working as a Physics 2 Teaching Assistant and one semester for Physics 1. After graduating, he went to work for a company that produces and supports FPGA’s and then shifted to an energy company in California. Ryan has now returned to beautiful Colorado to pursue his passion in teaching and is excited to help you learn Calculus, Physics and Circuits.


Emma McKinney is an aerospace engineer, with a B.S. in Astronautics from MIT and a M.S. in Propulsion from Purdue University. Her job is designing, building, and testing rockets every day! She currently works at a small aerospace company in Denver, developing small space thrusters for NASA. Before that, she developed rockets for SpaceX and helped launch them from the control room. In her free time, she likes giving back to the academic community by helping students with math, science, and engineering subjects. Her goal as a tutor is to help students develop an intuition for the core concepts of the subject material and establish confidence in their problem solving skills.

Environmental Studies

Jordan M. Kincaid is a Ph.D. student of Environmental Philosophy at CU-Boulder. He also holds an M.S. in Environmental Policy from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy in New York and a B.A. in Philosophy and Government from the University of Texas at Austin. His training is interdisciplinary, ranging from philosophy, political science, and college-level writing, to public policy, and statistics. He is currently TAing a course at CU, “Advanced Scientific Writing in Environmental Studies,” and has several publications. To learn more, visit his website, www.tothesungod.com.


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